Wotanist14 is the user name of a player on Wotanist14 is best known for his creation of the "Army Of Wotan", a secret, hard to join teaming organization on free for all. The organization criticizes what they call "Teamers in FFA" and believe they are teaming to help the community by keeping it safe from the "teamers in FFA".

Army Of WotanEdit

The Army Of Wotan is a teaming organization in It is believed that only a hand full of the best players are selected for entry into this organization.  The group has a secret teaming strategy that only inner members know about. The people they target are what they call "Teamers in FFA" which they are against. They claim they are a group who wish to "purify" by killing the "undesirerables", such as, Teamers in FFA, People with the word "Army" in their name, people with the word "cat" in their name, and other unknown groups of people. Some known members in the group are Wotanist14, coolkylebancroft, and danerule1. It is unknown how many members they have in total. Their group was inspired by David Lane