Description Edit

Strive for control over 5 territories with your team-mates.

Setting Edit

When you click play, a screen appears showing the number of people who have joined the game. After twelve people have joined the game, a timer counts down from 15 seconds. Then team members are assigned a color randomly (red or blue - six for each).

There are currently 5 territories you can dominate:

  • The silver vein (top left)
  • the gold vein (top right)
  • the crystal mines (bottom right),
  • the lumber mill (bottom left)
  • the coal mines (middle)

Each territory has a circular 'aura' around it which is colorless by default and changes to the color of the team that conquers it.

spawning Edit

Ordinarily, a group of cells from the same team spawns in or close to one territory as a cluster.

minimap Edit

On the minimap, you see:

  1. Your location relative to all the territories.
  2. The location of your team mates.
  3. The color of all territories (see setting section below).
  4. Location of enemy cells in your team's territory.

Objective Edit

To produce as much resources as possible. When conquered, a territory starts producing resources for the team that conquers it. (The rate of production is currently unknown). (The exact objective [e.g. X number of resources to be reached by a team for it to win] is also unknown).

Mechanics Edit

Viruses, masses and coins spawn normally.

A small bar with an index appears at the bottom of the screen when you enter a territory.

The index moves either toward the red or blue side of the bar depending on your color, if you are the only one in the territory.

If there are multiple cells of different color in the territory, the index moves towards the side with more mass in the territory.

Flakes of the dominant color also shoot out the middle of the territory.

You conquer the territory simply by staying inside the 'aura' until the index reaches the end of the bar of your color, then a short victory tune plays, and a message appears at the top of the screen saying who (if it's one player) or which team conquered the territory.

A different tune also play when an enemy player attacks your territory.

Another tune plays when a territory is defended.

Defending a territory Edit

When an enemy cells enters one of your team's territories, they have 'attacked' that territory. If you or any member of your team comes into that territory (or already is), and the attacking enemy leaves the territory, then you have 'defended' that territory.