Description Edit

This is one of the modes you can play in The map looks just like a normal soccer field. Players take possession of the ball and move about the field, avoiding larger enemy cells and scoring a goal for their team.

Setting Edit

Once you click play, you enter a non-playable screen where you see the number of players who have joined the game. Once 6 players have joined, a 10 - second timer counts down before the game starts.

spawning Edit

You spawn in a random location on your half of the field.

The ball spawns near the middle of the field.

You spawn in a random team( either blue or red ) with two other players on your team.

minimap Edit

On the minimap you can see:

  1. Location of your teammates
  2. Location of the ball

Sometimes, though not often, you enter an already-going on game.

Objective Edit

To win the game, a team must score 5 goals, after which the game immediately ends. To score a goal, take possession of the ball and shoot it into the opponents' goal or move with the ball until you enter the opponents' goal with it.

Controls Edit

Use the normal split button to pass the ball and the eject mass button to shoot the ball

To take the ball from another player, other than eating them, you "whisk it away" from them; Just get in contact with the ball until you hear the click sound then continue on.

Mechanics Edit

Viruses don't spawn in this mode

Masses spawn at a normal rate

You can eat other cells and your's can be eaten too

You can split if you are not in possession of the ball

When taking possession of the ball, you hear a click sound

You can eat an opponent cell possessing the ball to take the ball

When your team scores a goal:

  1. A HUD displaying "GOAL!" appears
  2. A short cheer plays above the music

There's a bar at the top right displaying the number of goals scored by each team

Each player has an ability activated by the ability button, that enables them to move faster for a few seconds. This ability can be used 5 times per game and has a 30-second time-out between each use.

The game needs six players to start, but as some cells are eaten, the game could go on with all players being from one team or even one player in the whole game!

There can't be more than three players per team at any given time in a game.