Description Edit

In this mode, you play as part of a team designated by your cells' color where you fight to become the dominant team in the game.

Setting Edit

Clicking play puts you in a random on-going or new game where you start with your base mass( determined by your level). The game is in a medium-sized map where you are free to roam

spawning Edit

You spawn in a random place in the map.

You also spawn with a random color between: Red, Blue and Yellow.

minimap Edit

On the minimap, you can see the location of all players of your team.

Pets are part of you so don't appear on minimaps

Objective Edit

The first team to accumulate 3000 or 5000 mass ( depending on the number of players ) wins. If no other enemy cells remain on the map, despite the amount of mass gained by the surviving team, a countdown will start and the surviving team wins when it reaches zero.

Your job is to simply gain mass for your team by:

  1. Eating enemy cells
  2. Feeding team cells
  3. Eating as much mass as you can

When the objective is reached, the game ends immediately displaying the end-game-message.

Mechanics Edit

Masses and viruses spawn at a normal rate.

You can eat cells and have yours eaten too.

You however, can't eat friendly cells (team-mates or their pets).

Viruses maintain their normal mechanics see viruses (link will be added soon).

You can carry an ability of your choice in this mode.

Normal splitting mechanics apply (see Mechanics) [link will be added soon]

There's currently no known limit to the number of players per game or team. (confirmation needed)

The number of players in teams is often unequal.