The menu page in is where you choose mini games, collect rewards from achievements, customize your skins, play with your friends in the friends tag, put on weapons, and see where you are in the leader boards. The background will show a spectator mode of the game title it shows on the menu.

Achievements Edit

The icon for achievements looks like a right arrow in a connect-the-dots pattern, similar to the food you eat to get bigger in A list of achievements is on a separate page.

Friends Tag Edit

This is where you can add your friends also playing, and looks like three happy faces with spikes around the circles. You can also invite friends into games, and chat with them.

Weapons Slots Edit

These slots are where you put your weapons or armor on. If you haven't gotten any items, it has a shop button to go on. There are 5 slots in total, 3 putting on weapons or armor, 1 putting on special potions, and another slot for putting your pet in game.

Leaderboards Edit

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