Description Edit

This is a rather interesting survival minigame. Strive to survive!

Setting Edit

Clicking the play button takes you to a screen showing you how many people have joined the game. A minimum of 20 players is required to start the game.

Once 20 players have joined, a 15-second countdown timer begins to start the game.

The map is normal-sized with power-ups spawned randomly in a pattern on the map.

spawning Edit

Your cell spawns at a random place on the map with the game's absolute base mass.

minimap Edit

On the minimap you can see:

  1. The positions of all the power-ups
  2. Your position
  3. (In stage 2) The positions of all other players in the game.

Objective Edit

To be the last cell alive. (more info needed on what happens then)

Being in the top three also grants you a present.

Mechanics Edit

Viruses, masses and coins spawn at a normal rate.

You have to be slightly bigger than a power-up to consume it.

Consuming a power-up gives you more mass.