Description Edit

Play one of two races. Make your team the dominant. It's like teams but with different mechanics and only two teams (races).

Setting Edit

Clicking play puts you in a random game, on-going or starts a new one. The map is just like the FFA map.

spawning Edit

You spawn anywhere on the map with a random color. But once the game is progressed, spawners or re-spawners tend to spawn in the less dominant race (i.e if humans have more mass, you spawn as a zombie).

minimap Edit

On the minimap you see all members of your race, including yourself.

Objective Edit

To become the dominant team.

"First team to reach 5000 wins"

Grow big by eating mass and feed your enemy. (see mechanics section for why).

bar with an index at the bottom of your name in the middle of your cell. The index is at the end of the color you are (see below for reference).

To become the dominant race in a game you either infect the enemy (for zombies), or heal them (for humans), each by feeding the enemy. As you feed the enemy, the index in their bar moves towards the side of your race's color, when it reaches that end, he turns into one of your race, and a message appears at the top of the screen saying "X has turned into a human/zombie". You can also change race by eating up enemy cells.

Races Edit

Each race is characterized by color (obviously) and special ability. The special ability can be activated only five times per cell per game.

Humans Edit

Are blue.

Are fast (relative to zombies).

Special ability: Can heal, when they get infected.

Zombies Edit

Are red.

Are slow (even for normal mechanics).

Special ability: "Frenzy mode" which

  • Makes the cell go faster.
  • Makes the cell immune to "healing"
  • Makes the cell inedible (can't be eaten)

Both special abilities are activated by activating the special ability function. The ability stays active for some time then is depleted and you have to wait 60 seconds before you can reactivate it.

Mechanics Edit

Viruses, masses and coins spawn at a normal rate

Each player cell has a bar with an index below their name.

The bar is colored red fading to blue (left to right).

The index is by default at the side of the cell's race color.

As the cell gets infected (by zombies) or healed (by humans), the index moves towards the red or blue side respectively.

Healing Edit

Humans can heal zombies simply by feeding them. As you feed a zombie, the index on the cell's bar moves towards the full side until he turns blue.

A zombie isn't healed by eating a human cell.

Infecting Edit

Zombies infect humans either by feeding them or being eaten by them. As you infect a human, the index on the cell's bar moves towards the red side.