Description Edit

Find a guild and battle it out with other guilds in this amazing minigame.

On the Guilds Tab Edit

You have two options:

  1. Find a guild
  2. Create new guild

In find a guild, an assortment of guilds is displayed for you to choose from. Clicking "join" pops up a confirmation dialog box, where you can click "confirm" to join the guild or "cancel" to cancel.

To create a new guild you need 1000 coins. You name your guild and select your identity skin. You need to unlock skins, even if you've already unlocked them for yourself outside the guild (each skin is usually 50 coins). You can change your guild name and skin later so, no pressure. All guild members will wear this skin in a guild war.

When you're "in the guild", most of the page shows the recent conversations in the guild.

On the right bar you can see ( at the top ), members who are online with a green dot at the beginning of their names, and below, ( greyed out ) members who are offline, and for each player, how long since they were last online.

Clicking on a player, you can see their stats, much like your own when you click your name in the main page.

To start a guild war, "get out of the guild" (click the back button at the top left corner) then click the big red play button.

Setting Edit

Clicking the play button searches for a war (that's either on-going or starts a new one). Once one is found, it sends a pop-up invitation to fellow online guild-mates. At least one needs to accept, for a minimum of two to enter the war.

If a new war was started, you will enter an empty war zone where you can just run around eating mass, but once another guild enters the war, you all re spawn with your base mass (that's determined by your level) in the war zone and begin the war.

A maximum of four guilds can take part in a particular war.

Objective Edit

To out-mass enemy guilds.

The first guild to reach 3000 or 5000 points (depending on the number of guilds and players in the war) wins.

Once the objective is reached, the war ends and the end-game message appears.

Mechanics Edit

Masses, Viruses and Coins spawn at a normal rate.

You can split into your guild members in a war.

When one guild only is left in the war, a countdown timer starts to end the game, regardless of their mass.